what is dynacoil who is nestor malgapo? how to enroll at dynacoil?

WELCOME to the official website of DYNACOIL !

DYNACOIL or DYNAmic COncept ILlustrated is a study program designed by komikero extraordinaire, Nestor Malgapo, to instruct Filipino artists in the art of Comics Illustration.

DYNACOIL was established in the 1980s, the period of Filipino Comics Rennaisance, as a correspondence school to help young Filipinos develop their potential in art. When the period ended with most comics publishing houses closing shop, Mr. Malgapo responded by closing his program.

Decades passed and with its passing, technology took major leaps in communication. Today, anybody can easily get in touch with anybody with a few clicks of the mouse. And for aspiring comic book artists, the distribution of comics is no longer limited to local publishers because the internet has introduced new ways for illustrators to reach publishers around the globe!

The possibilities that the internet has to offer, the persistent demand of artists and his own unwavering desire to impart wisdom and experience: Mr. Malgapo has the right reasons to go back to teaching. Finally, on July 2011, Nestor Malgapo decided to re-open DYNACOIL!


If you have any questions or mayroong information na hindi natagpuan sa website na ito about Dynacoil, please fill out the form below. Mr. Malgapo, will reply to your questions as soon as he can.

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